We are here to elevate the AMUSEMENT in your relationship, INSPIRE you both to grow together, and to EDUCATE husbands and wives to do the things you dream of!!!!

This is Your Marriage University

At Couples O.A. we specialize in bringing husbands and wives the very best in fun, motivation, and adult education in order to experience life on another level!

Our Courses For Husbands


How to Massage her cares away

Imagine having the ability to reduce your wife’s stress, fatigue, and pain, improve her sleep, and eliminate toxins from her body.  Imagine you are able to do all this with just your hands, voice, and attitude. Join us as we walk through some of the foundational principals of touch and massage. You are guaranteed to discover an aspect of your relationship that presents the opportunity awaken undiscovered passions.


How to Look, Feel, and Perform Better!

It‘s not about being who you were in college or being better than the other guy; it’s about being the best version of yourself!  Never settling for anything short of your best!  Knowing that you can always eat better, get stronger, look better, and go longer. Join us in quest of Wellness that you can see, feel, and use! Also check out our couples weight loss program. 


How to Make Your Wife take a Second Look!

You only get one chance to make a first impression.  That impression begins with the way you look. There is a science to dressing like a success.  What if your wife was consistently impressed by your appearance; at the gym, work, date night, all the time?  Learn how to dress to fit your personality, budget, and your future!

Our Courses for Wives


Make your husband stare!

How to Cook for Your King

How to Cook for Your King

Do you know what looks good on you?  Do you desire to dress to impress your spouse?  We are here to help!  This skill is focused on you knowing your personal style, what your husband likes, and how to find it.  


How to Cook for Your King

How to Cook for Your King

How to Cook for Your King

I know you can cook good enough to get by or just prepare what you are familiar with.  There is a difference between cook from a recipe or learning from your mother and cooking like a chef. During this skill you will learn cooking techniques from a profession chef.  This is adult education at its best. 


Develop Your Best Self

How to Cook for Your King

Develop Your Best Self

Upcoming pool party, vacation, special event, or that special dress you would love to fit in. It’s possible for you to look and feel better than you do now. Learn the skills you need to discipline yourself for weight loss to become a better version of yourself.